Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Books and reviews and giveaways, oh my!

So all my brilliant ideas come in the shower, and today was no different. Books and giveaways and reviews are currently on my mind, and I thought of a fun new game that we can play every month because I like doing giveaways as much as I enjoy entering them!

What is GRaB
Giveaways, Reviews, and Books -an ongoing month-long giveaway

Last updated November 4, 2011

How does GRaB work
Step 1 I review books.
Step 2 You comment on the reviews for entries (see point system below).
Step 3 Entries are tallied up at the end of the month
Step 4 Winner gets randomly selected

What is the prize
Your choice in book from my reviewed pile
That's right, pick any book from any month, any year, and I will send it to you :)

The current point system 
+1 for each unique commenter on a book review in the current month
    +10 for the FIRST commenter on a book review
       +5 for the SECOND commenter on a book review
Ends at the end of every month.
Open worldwide.


  1. This is a really great idea! I'm actually looking forward to watching this progress! Good luck to everyone!!


  2. So.....I've been thinking about this, too. Would you be interested in starting a group? I mean, just as in - I will use the same rules, and we can maybe make a fun button that's a "Monthly Giveaway" type thing?

    What do you think?

  3. this is great and since I am already a follower and I already love reading your reviews I am totally in! brilliant idea!

  4. Oh, this is fun. Yay for new ideas. I'm so bad at names, so I don't really know what you could call it...hmm...

    I'll think on it. LOL


  5. Great idea!

    Maybe you can call it "A Monthly Bout of Booty" or just "A Bout of Booty". It kind of sounds like sickness in hindsight. Hmm.

    Will get back to you on that. ;)

  6. Wow. This is exciting and complicated! I look forward to watching it play out! It sounds like a great way to encourage discussion and community.

  7. This is a great idea. I will try to think of some creative names but so far none have just popped into my head. I already love reading reviews and I find it fun to leave comments so I am totally in.

  8. Lalaland: Fun and crazy ;)

    JYTBB: Thanks! Like I said, nothing like a shower to inspire me :)

    Aerin: I emailed you a "YES, YOU CAN JOIN ME IN THIS CRAZY ADVENTURE" - and anyone else who wants to as well!

    Erika Lynn: :D Reviews are what makes the blogs go round!

    Shooting Stars Mag: New ideas are great, and I'm surprised and excited about the response!

    Liyana: I think the word "bout" makes me think of disease! :} But I like the word "booty" :P Hmm, perhaps a piratical theme...

    Violet Vixen: I live for complicated rules, but thanks to Excel, I can handle it! :)

    katie: None have popped in my head either :( but I'm glad that you'll play!

  9. Okay, I got it: Booty Looty!

  10. What a cool plan! I already love your reviews and comment on them so this is like a reward for enjoying myself! As far as names go I am uninspired though.

  11. Sounds like fun, but Girl you are crazy! Obviously I mean in a fun friendly way :)
    You are very generous.

  12. This is a cool idea for a contest!

  13. Rules are cool, Cecilia. Great idea.

  14. Liyana: I conferred with my co-conspirator, and "booty" is out of the running. Though I see that you have taken it up at your blog! :)

    H: Thanks for leaving comments on my blog! I really have appreciated them :)

    Jenny Girl: Yes, craziness - both a blessing and a curse :D

    Katie: Thanks! We'll see how it goes at the end of the month ;)

    Kaye: Rules are definitely cool and makes giveaways more fun! ;)

  15. Ladytink: Thanks :) I've had some interesting comments so far!

  16. Great giveaway! I follow you, and I've put a link to this giveaway in my contest section on my right sidebar:

  17. Oh, boy this sounds like it could get interesting... I am going to add you to my favorites as it's late at night and I am running out of surfing time... I will follow you later... thanks ... I really want to read some of these books... Girls in Trucks... love that cover.. hope the inside is just as good... thanks debb

    debbebennett at yahoo dot com

  18. I would hate to be you when it comes time to calculate all the points.

  19. Wow you must really like math. All that would give me a headache. Good reviews. You are very dedicated. I will be on the look out for the books your review.

  20. I have to say this is a very clever idea. I can't say I will make it to all your reviews but am going to start following so that will remind me. And as for the scoring system...bless you for the sheer energy it takes to do that but also the sheet genius for thinking it up! Kudos!

  21. I follow you and I have blogged:
    bunnybx at gmail . com

  22. I agree with you a great idea! I'll add your button. That way, I'll remember to read and comment often.

    I think Aerin has a great idea. It can get pretty hectic trying to keep up with contests.


  23. I follow your blog
    Button's on my sidebar; it's linked to the main blog is that sufficient otherwise I can only link to main tag, are your reviews tagged by month?
    Commented to each review for May.

  24. I follow you!
    And I have posted your link at

  25. Posted up the button as well at

  26. This is so funny...all my good blog ideas come to me in the shower too! Great idea, I love it.

  27. Hi, I think this is an awesome idea!
    New follower from Argentina!
    And I've posted this on my side bar:


  28. Sounds like fun! That's such a wonderful idea!

    :) Erica

  29. I do quite love this idea.

    (Follower-- schriftstellarin[at]hotmail[dot]com)

  30. Blair lewis

    I think I got it my Dear thanks for putting everything in order.

  31. Crazy! how the hell do you keep track of all of that. It would take you a whole day to add all that madness up - unless you are like the queen of spread sheets!
    Pabkins @ Mission to Read


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