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The Review Policy of Epic Proportions

last updated 11.4.2011

Who I Am
cecilia a.k.a. the{EPIC}rat
The former is my given name, and the latter is my blog personality inspired by my birth year (RAT) and the grandiose plans I had for this blog when I first started out in Winter 2008. Before you applaud me for my longevity, I must put the disclaimer that I pretty much fell off the face of the earth in 2010 and recently renewed my blogging efforts at the start of 2011. It's a slow and steady work in progress, and I appreciate everyone who choose to follow my ramblings.

Where I Am
Iowa, USA
More specifically, in the Quad Cities where we are "twice as nice as the Twin Cities" or so they say ;D

Greetings from the{EPIC}rat, and thank you for stopping by this little corner of the blogosphere! Since this blog primarily functions as a source of book reviews, I should provide some information as to how I work (and don't work).

I read books. Lots of them. Both print and eBooks. Mostly from my own choosing, but I do accept review requests from authors and publishers on occasion. Should I review your book, I do not guarantee a favorable one. In my review, you can expect my honest reactions and  thoughts that I had while reading your work. I do not like to rip books to shreds out of respect for the author, but should I deem it as "unfinishable," I will try to pass it along to another reviewer who may appreciate it more.

Currently I post reviews on my blog , but I do have accounts on LibraryThing, Barnes&Noble, Amazon, GoodReads, and NetGalley. So far, LT and GR has all my reviews to date, and I am working to catch up on the other websites.

Right now, book reviews post on Mondays (at least 2-3 mini-reviews), Tuesdays, and Fridays. The rest of the week may involve giveaways, wishlist spotlights, and other randomness that suits my fancy.

If you have any questions, please email me (see above)

Other Things of Interest
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My Reading Interests

Rachel Aaron | Kristin Cashore | Gail Carriger | Madeleine L'Engle | Robin Hobb | Diana Wynne Jones | Anne McCaffrey | Robin McKinley | Elizabeth Moon | Tamora Pierce | Cherie Priest | Patrick Rothfuss | Lisa Shearin | Sharon Shinn | Patricia C. Wrede

Kelley Armstrong | Jay Asher | Robin Benway | Holly Black | Libba Bray | Ally Carter | Sarah Beth Durst | Gayle Forman | Rachel Hawkins | Mandy Hubbard | Antony John | Carrie Jones | Kelly Keaton | Kody Keplinger | A.S. King | Stephanie Kuehnert | Megan McCafferty | Courtney Allison Moulton | Lauren Myracle | Lauren Oliver | Stephanie Perkins | Veronica Roth | Elizabeth Scott | Maggie Stiefvater  | Courtney Summers

Romance (Mostly Historical)
Candace Camp | Nicola Cornick | Tessa Dare | Eileen Dreyer | Lorelei James | Sarah MacLean | Courtney Milan | Julia Quinn | Sherry Thomas

Max Brooks | Rhiannon Frater | Jonathan Maberry

Hester Browne | Orson Scott Card | Agatha Christie | Janet Evanovich | Nathaniel Hawthorne | L.M. Montgomery | Edgar Allen Poe


  1. You have some great authors on your list here.

    I'm just curious... how do I start getting my name out there for publishers to send me books to review?

  2. I like how you say that the person making the request should state upfront if they have a time line in mind. I may have to add that into mine. My current policy is long and rambley so I'm working on tightening it up.

  3. I ususally ask for the timeline before accepting in case I can do it. Kudos to you for being upfront and honest! Good policy.

  4. NSCG: These are pretty amazing authors that I would jump through rings of fire for :)

    NotNessie: Thank you - I just know who I like to read! I replied by email, but honestly I am far from being an expert - I just started out as well!

    LiteraryFeline: I thought it would be a good thing to add since I am slowly getting more involved with hosting authors. Probably not a good idea to feature 5 authors all in one week ;)

    JennyGirl: Thanks! I tried to keep it simple and straightforward :)

  5. Woo! A fellow Sandman fan!!! *waves* Neil Gaiman rules!!


  6. Llehn: Neil Gaiman does rule! :D

  7. Great policy! I also like how you ask for them to state the time period that they want you to read and review the book in, nice idea!


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