Monday, April 27, 2009

The Ultimate List of Blog Tours and Cameos

...or HOLY RAVIOLI, I have had the honor to host some wonderful authors and feature some of their wonderful books! And I only hope that I continue to meet more amazing authors and share their writing goodness with everyone!

If you are having a blog tour or would like to promote your book at The Epic Rat, please email me at cecpham(at) with the details including the timeframe.

Refer to my review policy for additional information.

At the minimum, I will post a review for your book.

The following features are available upon request:
The following features may NOT be requested, but "extras" that I may decide to include on behalf of the tour:
  • TEASER - a weekly meme where I pick a random passage from the book
  • TWO BITS - a random passage/scene that strikes me as discussion-worthy
  • COVER TALK - comparison of various book covers for the same book
  • GIVEAWAY - I pass along my own copy to someone else to enjoy
Click on Author - Title to view the entire blog tour for that author and book.
Click on each separate feature to view the individual feature from that blog tour.

Zombie Appreciation Week (Aug 29 - Sept 6)
Amanda Ashby
review | guest post | giveaway

Stacey Jay
review | guest post | giveaway | waiting on... | book trailer

Brian James
review | guest post | book trailer

Ryan Mecum
guest post | book trailer

Adam Selzer
guest post | waiting on... | book trailer

E. Van Lowe
review | guest post

August 2009

Dina and Daniel Nayeri - Another Faust
review | interview (Dina) | interview (Daniel) | trailer

May 2009

Lauren Lipton - Mating Rituals Of The North American WASP


Sarah Cross - Dull Boy
review | interview | quoted

Therese Fowler - Reunion
review | two bits | interview | zombie sighting

Maria Semple - This One Is Mine
review | interview

Susan May Warren - Nothing But Trouble

C.W. Gortner - The Last Queen
review | guest post | cover talk

Stephen Lawhead - Tuck

George Rabasa - The Wonder Singer
review | two bits | giveaway

April 2009

Libby Malin - Fire Me
review | interview

Joanna Scott - Follow Me

Sandra Gulland - Mistress Of The Sun
review | cover talk | interview | giveaway

George Bryan Polivka - Blaggard's Moon
review | teaser | two bits | giveaway

March 2009

Shaila Abdullah - Saffron Dreams
review | teaser | interview | giveaway

Rachel Kauder Nalebuff - my little red book
review | teaser | interview | giveaway


  1. Oh, wow, Im looking forward to seeing these!

  2. Wow, that IS a lot of blog tours :)

  3. You've got some nice books there. I can't wait for the 'Reunion' review. I read Fowler's 'Souvenir' and loved it, I wonder if this one is going to be like that too.

  4. Hi ER,

    Quick note to let you know that Wendi
    showed some love for you at Little Lov'n Monday. Please come by.


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